An Increasingly Taxing Environment for Big Soda

In this  Industry Focus: Consumer Goods  segment, Motley Fool analysts Asit Sharma and Vincent Shen give investors a quick overview of the enormous market for sweetened carbonated beverages. And with soda’s massive popularity, they discuss the growing headwinds the industry faces as municipalities move to tax the flagship brands of Coca-Cola   (NYSE: KO)  and PepsiCo  (NYSE: PEP) . A full transcript follows the video.  {%sfr%} Continue reading Continue reading

American Airlines Bites the Bullet and Slashes International Growth Plans

Entering 2016, American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) had aggressive plans to grow outside the U.S., particularly in the transpacific market. As of January, the company planned to increase its international capacity 6% year over year in 2016. Continue reading

Marathon Oil Gets Creative to Boost International Production

IMAGE SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES. As oil prices continue to hover around $50 per barrel, it seems that all the news these days revolves around acquisitions and divestments of oil assets. Continue reading

Can GameStop Keep Going After Last Week’s 10% Pop?

Image source: The Motley Fool. Doing its best to turn a liability into an asset, shares of  GameStop (NYSE: GME)  soared last week after talking up its prospects as an unlikely play in the Pokemon Go frenzy. CEO J. Continue reading

Eagle Materials, Inc. Earnings Are Cemented by Strong Volumes

Image source: Getty Images. Eagle Materials (NYSE: EXP) started its fiscal 2017 right where it left off last year , delivering solid results before the market opened on Monday. Continue reading

NVIDIA Corp. Announces New Professional Graphics Cards

Image credit: NVIDIA.  Graphics specialist NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) is releasing new graphics processors based on its Pascal architecture at a furious pace. On Monday , NVIDIA apparently announced (via two new graphics cards aimed at the professional visualization market. Continue reading Continue reading

Why Outerwall Inc. Stock Popped Today

Image source: Outerwall, Inc. Continue reading